Hello, Generous!

Aksara Laboratory is a non-profit organization under which we conduct research and development of Aksara. Contributions from philanthropists like you will greatly assist us in improving our research and developing this project in a better direction.

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This project was started in 2016, which at the beginning of its development was as a tool to make it easier to solve challenges related to creating web-based information systems.

Armed with frequent experiences, various types of applications that have been built and with all the aspects that influenced the origin of Aksara, a number of libraries, plugins, helpers and cores have been collected which are then arranged in a bundle package given the codename Aksara.

At first we didn't think about publishing this project freely, but due to the growing number of ecosystems we managed to create using Aksara, we changed our view and revived the ideology that was lost: contributions to the development of open source projects.

Time by time again we set up online non-profit organizations, which really don't think about the cost, thought and time wasted on research. Over and over again, that passionate interest has finally disappeared because we are technically inexperienced in setting up an organization, especially in the non-profit field and with products that people are not at all interested in. But with the creation of Aksara, which we call our most valuable work, we see its potential benefits for its users.

For that reason, after we pulled it off, on January 1, 2020, we finally published Aksara as one of our open source works that are free to use.

Finally, thank you for your contribution.