namespace Modules\Products\Controllers;
 * Create a CRUD module to "products" table
class Products extends \Aksara\Laboratory\Core
	public function index()
		/* Limit module to permissive users */
		/* Single "magic" line to handle CRUD */


Aksara CMS

Both Framework and Publishing Platform.

A project skeleton that will help your work. Painstakingly made to please you guys. If it works, it ain't stupid 🤣

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Benefits and Features

Headless or Traditional

It only takes one back end to produce data and preserve it in a traditional way (browser based) format or through API.

XHMVC Modular

Forget the old habit of customizing routing when you build new modules. Aksara will take it over with extended routing algorithm.

Multi Language

Add and translate new language directly from the administrative page or using the "view-based" translation override.

Reliable Security

Using multi-layers of security that have been automatically obtained without the need to regulate the scheme such in old ways.

Simple, Fast and Clean

Offers a powerful built-in library, almost satisfying developer habits for UI / UX management and document management.

Ready To Use

Like a CMS, Aksara comes with module that is ready to be used for people who don't even understand programming languages.

What Can Be Made?

A Powerful
Web Application

API Services
and Development

Data Synchronization

Resource Planning

Community and
Social Media

Anything That
You Can Imagine

Easy To Install

It's just take 6 steps and 3 minimum form input to go.

Doubtful? Natural!

Browse our featured ecosystem. Ecosystem is a ready-to-use product package built with Aksara that you can use to support your activity productivities.

Geographic Information System

Aksara WebGIS is a toolkit that can be used to create web-based mapping visualizations that are full-featured and easy to operate.As a Data Spatial Visualizatio...
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Be a Contributor

Work Together, Build Together.

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The Lab

From this tiny space Aksara CMS are made.

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Contributor Meeting

We sometimes need to go out and pouring the team ideas.

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Monthly Gathering

Thank you for always supporting us. Your donations help us to enjoy the nature as humans do.