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Short Theme Publication Guidelines

Make sure you have done some unit testing below so that we can publish the themes you send to the Aksara Market:

  1. Please download the following sample basic theme packs for reference and to understand the terms for how the Aksara theme structure is made: Download Sample Package
  2. Provides a manifest on the theme package that you submit. The manifest file must be in a valid json format and be named package.json and placed in the theme folder that you created. You can find examples of manifest here;
  3. Provide some sample preview images (screenshot) for your theme;
  4. Make sure that you have tested the theme you created via the theme import tool from the Add-On > Installed Themes > Import module without any errors;
  5. Activate the theme that you just imported and test the application or website to ensure that the theme you are about to submit is according to your plan without any mistakes;
  6. Make sure that the theme you create does not affect the basic performance of applications or websites built with Aksara.

The Aksara Market verification team will check, test and publish the package you submitted if your package met with all conditions above.

By submitting the form above, you fully agree and comply with the rules related to publication at the Aksara Market.